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Government Benefits and Assistance

HostMillion.com is a website devoted to provide information on over 1,000 government benefit and assistance programs. The site is free to use. It does not offer free money, administer benefits, or accept applications for benefit programs.

Federal and State agencies are responsible for offering and administering benefit programs and handling the application process. HostMillion.com is designed to help you easily locate this information.

HostMillion.com is an educational resource. We will never send citizens free money, directly offer benefit programs, call you, or directly ask you to send personal information. It is important to verify a government agency¡¯s contact information before giving away personal information. Learn more in this site and from our partner sites Protecting Yourself Against Scams.

On our website you can search for benefits and loans by using multiple ways:

1) Category: Choose specific type of benefit category like Grants, Mortgage loans, Medicare, Loan repayments,Insurance etc.

2) State: choose your state and see what benefits you might qualify for

3) Federal agency: you can locate benefits by Federal agency.

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